Rapla music school and music park

Address Sauna 12 and Muusika park, Rapla, Rapla County, Estonia. Area 1 499 m²
Year 2022-2024
Status – building is completed, landscape not completed due to poor budgeting, only some of the trees were planted.

Landscape project – preliminary design 

Main designer Infragate Eesti

Arhitektuur Hirvesoo Arhitektibüroo 

Conception. Music and play.
These are two main concept throughout the design – musical and other play instruments in the park, music related patterns carved on play equipment and music related patterns on the walking path. Green areas are complemented with new trees, bushes and herbaceous plants – main colors red and white in order to serve the playful concept.

The park is made more attractive and accessible. For achieving that new stage and festive area was designed for concerts; new walking paths with lighting were added; additional greenery and new views; benches were added for stopping and resting and enjoying the views; music area for all ages; new play areas for children; special equipment for elderly was created. 

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