About Me

I’m always curious about new things and I love intellectual challenges!

My strengths are creativity, logic, strategic planning and getting things done. I’m very solution-oriented and when motivated then strived to accomplish the task – solving a problem.

I care about human-scale living environment and I believe green infrastructure (green and trees) can improve mental health and relieve stress.

My background is natural sciences and environmental sciences (Tallinn University) and landscape architecture (Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian University of Life Sciences). I’m also a landscape gardener (Räpina School of Horticulture) and tree technician (Luua Forestry School). As could be seen from my background I’m mostly interested in the living part of the landscape. I also believe sustainable design and nature-based solutions can combat climate change therefore this interest me the most. 

I’ve been doing tree surveys since 2008 and landscape projects since 2015.

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