Tallinn Hospidal tree survey and herbaceous plants survey

Address 129 Narva road, T2 Narva road and partially T1 Neemiku street, T34 Narva road and T35 Narva road, Tallinn, Estonia. Area about 27 000 m²
Year 2022
Main designer ATIproject srl (cover photo is an illustration by ATIproject srl)

Tree survey and herbaceous plants survey. Herbaceous plants survey done by Kaie Eha.

It is an areas of dry alvar grassland site type, although due to the occasional disturbances and addition of soil some atypical species are present. There are mainly bushes and pine trees.
According to the classification of Natura 2000 habitats the area is a Nordic alvar and precambian calcareous flatrock (6280).  The area contains several protected species habitats and is very valuable.

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