Paide government building landscape project

Project area Tallinna tn 18, Paide linn, Estonia
Landscape project. For stairway and ramp detailed design was prepared. For green the concept design and detailed design was prepared.

Year 2021
Status – under construction

Main designer KOKO Architects
Visualization Eleriin Tekko (KOKO Architects)
Conception. Replacing the existing stairway, a new stairway and ramps were designed. The complicated part was how to design the guard-rails nice and light for the ramps so it would still be safe for the wheelchair. But the task was accomplished and I’m very pleased with the results.
In the entrance of the building the green areas are considered more representative and therefore they need to be long blossoming bushes. Also, because there are steep slopes it was a challenge to find very decorative but yet quicky growing bushes to minimize erosion. On the perimeter of the street some trees were added to complete the existing row of threes and some taller tree shaped bushes with lower bushes between them were put in to add some character.
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