Krõllipesa nursery school “Mängupesa” landscape project

Project area Riia road 30, Viljandi, Estonia
Tree inventory, landscape project – preliminary design and detailed design (ILEX Projects)

Year 2019
Status – completed

Main designer Infragate Eesti
Architecture Arhitekt Must

Conception. The aim is to provide every kindergarten class their own tree which correlates to their class name. For example, class called “Apples” have their own apple tree, “Rowan berries” have their own rowan tree and so on.

It provides wider opportunities for outdoor lessons because many of the berries are eatable in the garden and the terrasses and pavilions provide many activities. The area is designed in way that trees and bushes provide opportunities to play games and be creative, so the playing is not narrowed down to the playground elements. Besides being a nice play element, the hedges provide privacy and close the views to the area.

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