Pärnu beach area vision competition

“Asfalt sulas linnas”, Vision competition of Pärnu beach area, I prize

Project area Pärnu beach area

Year 2017
Landscape design Kaja Sepper and Lidia Zarudnaya
Architecture Paco Ulman, Kaarel Künnap and Lidia Zarudnaya

Main idea is to provide access to the beach. From beach sands towards the shore line wooden paths are proposed just like seawalls providing access to the water those inland “seawalls” main function is to connect the city to the beach. Across the paths there are many different functions proposed, every path has its own theme, color and functions such as private sitting areas, cafés and surf clubs and many more.

Landscape design Every wooden path carries different functions and there for they have different identity closely related to those activities provided. Also, every path has a color to determine its identity. So, in result to that identity, every path has planted areas with certain colored plants – leaves of blossoms. The themes are – light purple blossoms, silver leaves, white blossoms, dark purple blossoms and leaves, orange blossoms and leaves, yellow blossoms and leaves, dark red blossoms and leaves, green leaves (no blossoms), pink blossoms

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